Gestures. Accessible technology for easy use.

Our Technology

Gesture’s develops an innovative platform that uses Natural Language Processing and the creation of an innovative and unique virtual joystick that allows deep search and content navigation capabilities to connect the most common smartphone services to people with visual impairments.

We provide the conditions for the user to expand tasks and access content, thereby providing independence for mobile operation. 

We combine AI technology, NLP for understanding the adult audience speech patterns and Machine Learning Ability to learn the user, and improve the efficiency of use.

Our Vision

The integration of I Gestures systems with as many smartphones and internet services as possible, connecting the visually impaired population to the internet and cellular services of the 21st century, as every other person in the population uses them.

We will grant limited populations the ability to integrate into daily life in the workplace and educational institutions equally

“We need to make every single thing accessible to every single person with disabilities” (Stevie Wonder)


We collaborate with entities that understand the problem and evaluate our solution. 

  • The Central Library for the Blind
  • Hilfe für Blinde in Israel 
  • San Diego Center for the Blind 
  • Beit Issie Shapiro

Letter of recommendation from the Center for the Blind in Tel Aviv.